Nursing theory

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 Incorporating Theory

Falls are the major causes of injury death and most common reason for non fatal injuries in hospital admissions of older adults of aged 65 and above. In 2010, 2.3 million non fatal injuries reported from falls and more than 662.000patients were hospitalized(CDC,2010).Nursing theories and frame works provide guidance and structuring for the nursing practice, education and research. Nursing theories always guide to do assessment, intervention, and evaluation care. This paper describes about the Neuman’s nursing theory, which supports the solution of falls in elderly group in hospitals and how can e the theory is helpful to the patients to retain, attain and maintain their system stability. Betty Neuman’s system model provides a holistic and system based approach to nursing.Neuman,s system theory developed 1970 and published in 1972, with the purpose of nursing as being primarily concerned with defining appropriate actions in stress related situations(Neuman,1995). The components of this theory focuses the patient as a whole include, the concepts of open system,environment,stressors,prevention, and reconstitution. The theory of Newman’s system model supports the solution falls in elderly group. According to Newman, the interventions (primary, secondary, and tertiary)are the purposeful nursing actions ,that help patients to maintain their stability and protects health. The implementation of fall prevention program, identify the high risk group, health education ,medication review, uses of multidisciplinary team like physical and occupational therapy to strengthen the muscles by exercises and activities are the secondary prevention measures to maintain their stability and prevent from falls. In conclusion, Newman’s theory is an open system in interaction with the environment both external and internal factors. The author strongly supported Newman’s theory of nursing to...
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