Name Boboc CarmenMariaId 23739Unit 2 Human

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Name: Boboc Carmen-Maria
Id: 23739
Unit 2: Human Resource Management
Group: B3
Lecturer: Fatima Imran



1.1Distinguish between personnel management and human resource management 1.2Assess the function of the human resource management in contributing to organisational purposes 1.3Evaluate the role and responsibilities of line management in human resource management 1.4Analyse the impact of the legal and regulatory framework on human resource management

Task1: Recruiting employees
2.1 Analyse the reasons for human resource planning in Tesco 2.2 Outline the stages involved in planning human resource requirements in the same organisation 2.3 Provide a comparison between the recruitment and selection process of Tesco and Sainsbury’s 2.4 Carry out an evaluation of the effectiveness of the recruitment and selection techniques used by Tesco and Sainsbury’s

Task 2: Rewarding employees in order to motivate and retain them 3.1 Asses the link between motivational theory and reward. Provide examples from Tesco 3.2 Evaluate the process of job evaluation and any other factors which determinate pay at Tesco 3.3 Assess the effectiveness of reward systems in two different work contexts at Tesco 3.4 Examine one of the methods that are being used by Tesco in monitor employee performance

Task 3: Mechanisms for the cessation of employment
4.1 Identify the reasons for cessation of employment in Tesco 4.2 Describe the employment exit procedures used by Tesco and Sainsbury’s 4.3 Consider the impact of the legal and regulatory framework on employment cessation arrangements. Provide examples from Conclusion



Human Resource Management is one of the key departments within an organisation. In this project my aim is to investigate upon the approach of personnel management and human resource management, mentioning about the role of line managers into the human resource management department. I am is going to approach as well the processes of recruitment and selection within two organisations Tesco and Sainsbury`s.

According to CIPD (Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development), personnel management is the administrative discipline concerned with hiring and developing employees so that they become more valuable to the organisation. Personnel management enables both men and women, who work for an organisation, to give their best contribution for the organisation’s success.

According to Bratton & Gold (2007), Human Resource Management, is a strategic approach to managing employment relations which emphasizes that developing people’s capabilities is critical to achieving sustainable competitive advantage, this being achieved through a distinctive set of integrated employment policies, programs and practices. There are more similarities than differences between personnel management and human resource management: Similarities

Both PM and HRM are:
- conducting job analyses
-planning personnel needs
- recruiting the right people for the right job
-orienting and training
-managing wages and salaries
-providing benefits
-evaluating performance
-resolving disputes
-sophisticated recruitment practices for senior staff only
-the psychological contract is based on compliance on the part of employees - centered on the workforce
-mediating between management and employees
-sophisticated recruitment for all employees
-the psychological contract is based on seeking willing commitment of the employee -more focused and concentrated on the needs of the modern organisation -concentrates on planning, monitoring and control aspects of resources; Source:;

HR function
1.Health, safety and welfare
Monitoring and managing work environments,...

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