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D period

Living life as me is interesting enough in that I can live it through my own eyes, just as you live life through your own. People may relate to my experiences or thoughts, but one cannot truly fathom what another feels. I cannot completely understand what you think nor can you tell what I think. That is the interesting part of living your own life; it is personalized to yourself and offers a completely unique experience.

Though many people may think they truly understand another person’s motives, and they actually might, they do not know for sure if this is true as they cannot actually feel what their peer feels at that time. We are all unique people and in this uniqueness comes individual lives that are beneficial not only to us, but to those around us. People share life experiences in order to relate to others or help them through tough times. While they cannot one hundred percent relate, they can in fact help by sharing knowledge and making that knowledge a part of that person’s life as well.

One’s own individuality makes living life completely unique and special, and we should all live it in our own way. Sharing experiences with friends and family only adds the fun to your own life, and ultimately your own life is what you are living. Individuality is important to different people in different ways, yet I’m sure anyone can agree it is truly a key component in one’s life. Not only does this concept bring light to oneself, but many people share their experiences with peers and they compare them with their own, even though they can never live them themselves.

My Grandmother had lived an interesting life full of many events we will never partake in. She lived in three different continents throughout her life and has been in all sorts of personal adventures through them. The rest of my family and I would always visit her and ask of her childhood in Indonesia or living in the Netherlands during World War...
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