Movies should do more

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Movies Should Do More Other Than Entertaining




Popularity of movies in the modern world has increased rapidly. The reason is that advancement in technology and the increasing use of the internet has increased the accessibility of the movies to many people. According to Vaughn (2006), classification of movies was introduced in order “to restrict what children could see” (p.41) but not “to limit what adults watched” (p.41). This shows that movies have some effects on people but whether their effects on adults are the same as the effects on children is a subject of debate. While some people argue out that successful movies are those that only entertain people, others argue out that entertainment is only part of the roles that movies play in the society. Their justification of the latter group is that successful movies should not only entertain people but should also have an ideological, political or social agenda. I strongly believe that successful movies should do more other than entertaining.

Though it has been argued out that movies may increase delinquency among children, movies have actually played a big role in fighting crime in the society. According to Rafter and Brown (2011), people should watch crime movies in order to acquire new perspectives on criminal matters. The reason is that such movies are representations that help people to organize their world by constructing their realities, shaping their thoughts, defining crimes, organizing their thoughts on crime problems, defining who qualifies to be called a criminal, describing the qualities of a good law-enforcement officer, and highlighting how people can fight crime. Sidney Lumet's movie entitled Before the Devil Knows You're Dead (2007) is not only entertaining but also sends a clear message to viewers that disillusionment that result from people’s fantasies brings about...

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