Monologue: A Cream Cracker Under the Settee

Topics: Old age, Thing, Middle age Pages: 3 (1038 words) Published: October 18, 2010
A Cream Cracker Under The Settee is a Monologue, this means it is just 1 person speaking instead of like a normal play, like a normal play it has different characters, like the policeman or the boy said to be ‘spending a penny’ but these do not have a role of great significance, so it just mainly focuses on the main character, Doris.

Her name alone suggests that is an elderly lady and that the setting is probably not 21st century. Other things that suggest these 2 points are the phrases used like the boy peeing in her garden, she refers to it as ‘spending a penny’ this suggests she is using phrases that are dated so is either old, from a few decades ago or both, seeing as the author wrote this a while ago and was heavily influenced by old Yorkshire women it strongly suggests both.

Another thing that suggests this point is that a policeman or warden is doing rounds and checking on people. These days you hardly ever see coppers walking around in places other than in town centres. He must be an attentive man because he comes knocking when he sees the ‘lamp’ off. (another point here is that he says lamp not light) This bit also includes some of the gallows/dark humour of which Alan Bennett is famous for, he’s basically making the policeman out as a pessimist for expecting the worst just because a light is off.

One more piece of evidence to support the claim that she is old and this is set a while back is that she is scared of a place called Stafford House, she then mentions ‘old people smelling of wee’ so this place is either a care home or a community centre. It could be said that these places didn’t use to be very nice or hospitable places, so its easy to see why she doesn’t want to go there, also many old people in 2009 still detest these places and would rather die. This seems to be used against her as because of her fear she is helpless do disobey ‘Zulema’ another fairly significant character who doesn’t have a speaking part. The only other person with...
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