Miss Brill

Topics: Short story, Ageing, Gerontology Pages: 2 (440 words) Published: March 29, 2011
In the short story “Miss Brill”, Miss Brill is an interesting character who loves to go out on nice days and watch everyone enjoy their daily lives. It’s mostly the elderly that go to the park and relax by observing others because sometimes they get lonely. Miss Brill was one of these people, and she lived her life through the happiness of the people she watched in the park.

When Miss Brill went to the park everyone would look at her with these odd, silent, dark stares. No one knew why she was the way she was. Some people judged her, but most just went on with their own lives ignoring her entirely. Miss Brill is an interesting character in that she observed everything about people including their clothes and conversations with other people. She basically puts herself into their lives and lives vicariously through them. She is alone and craves attention from other people.

Miss Brill’s only friend was her furry wrap coat. She was so lonely she treated it like a real live friend. In actuality the only other person she ever talked to was an elderly man to whom she read to occasionally and even he fell asleep on her every time. She had her own routine which included going to the bakery on Sunday and getting her favorite treat which may just contain an almond. Like she hoped for the chance of getting this almond, Miss Brill hoped for the chance of something to happen in the park, which was her favorite place, such as a conversation with another person.

One Sunday Miss Brill’s every Sunday routine was interrupted. This Sunday a young couple had sat next to her on a bench in the park. Miss Brill overheard their conversation making fun of her. They discussed that no one wanted her there, made ugly remarks about her age, and even made fun of the coat that she treated as her only friend. The ugly comments made by the young couple caused her to get upset and return home where she put her coat back in the box in the closet.

In this story Miss Brill craves the human...
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