Meaning of Human Resource of Mnagement

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1.1:Meaning of Human Resource of Mnagement
The ‘human resource’ of an organization is composed of all the efforts, skills or capabilities of all the people who work for that organisation. Some organizations may give the name for this ‘human resource’as ‘staff’ or ‘workforce’or ‘personnel’ or ‘employees’. But the basic meanings are same all those who work for an organization are worker.However the organization may call who do manual work as ‘worker’ and describe others who do non manual work as ‘staff’.The execuitives of an organaiztion are supposed to manage its human resource in the most effective manner so that personnel work well in the best interests of an organization,and in their own interests,too.For this purpose,it is essential that good personnel relations are established with the entire work force. 1.2 DEFINATION

The efficiency and performance of staff ,and their commitment to the objectives of the organisation ,are fostered by good human relationships at work. This demands that proper attention be given to human resource management,the personal function and employee relations.The manager needs to understand the importance of good manaderial practices and how to make the best use of people.The promotion of good human relations is an integral part of the process of management and improved organisational performance. 1.3The nature of human HRM

However the activities of management are identified,and whatever the nature of organizational processes,an essential part of the process of management is that proper attention be given to the effiecent use of resources,in particular human resources.The human element plays a major part in the overall success of the organisation..There must be effective management of human resources there must be effective personal function

1.3 The Importance of HRM
Whatever the choice of terminology or decisions on the organisation of the personnel function,effective HRM and the successful implementation of personal activities are essential ingredients for improved organisational performance .For example, Lynch refers to the importance of people as a vital resource for sustainable competitive advantage.The smooth-running man or woman is an essential feature of any company and for some industries people are not just important but the key factor for successful performance .HR policies and practices have an important role to play in facilitating the effective implementation of management processes, such as ,For example, total quality management. 1.4 The people really management

The support the link between effective people management and strong business performance A major study undertaken for the CIPD confirms people management issues do have a tangible effect on profits.Research based on an intensive examination of more than medium-sized manufacturing firms in the UK over seven years reveals that: 1.People management is not only critical to business performance:it also outstrips emphasis on quality,technology,competitive strategy or research and development in its influence on the bottom line. 2.Companies whose attitude surveys reported high levels of job satisfaction and commitment among staff showed improving financial performance 3.Furthermore,HR practices explained nearly one fifth of the variation between companies in productivtity and profitability results strongly

HR Practices including
The report draws attention to appropriate HR practices including: 1.effective recruitment and selection ;
2.strategic training and appraisals; designed to promote autonomy,flexibility and problem-solving;and 4.Favourable reward systems,harmonisation

2 HR Function of Apple Inc.
The human resource department of Apple Inc. is responsible for the arrangement, organization, and streamlining the organizational staff to the current departmental and general objectives of the company. The role of the human resource department assumes a...
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