MBA 533 Human Resource Management

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Assignment 1
January 9,2014
MBA 533 Human Resource in Management

Strategic initiatives of an organization starts in understanding the importance of people. Some characteristics of strategic HRM are performed by line managers, who are the party responsible for human resources. The objective of a line manager is to improve the understanding and strategic use of human assets. The role of the managers are to lead, inspire the employees and understand them as human beings. There is no set time for the accomplishment of a firm to train an employee to the level the firm wants. Every person is different and some may only need a short period of time to adjust, some may need a intermediate time to adjust and we have others who can take a long period of time and for that reason managers cannot or should not focus on a time line when training an employee. Line managers are also in the need to be flexible when focusing on control. Each human is different and some are in more need of control and others are capable to be more independent. Another good aspect in line managers now a days is that they are more used to all the different types of cultures and for that reason they must be open and aware of the differences between one person to another. The major emphasis in a manager is to develop the person knowledge of the firm and the objective of their duties. With the many changes of a firm is up to the managers to keep their employees at the same level as they are when it comes to knowledge. Employees are assets that a firm must take serious and invest and for that reason manager accounts on investing in human assets to develop the right training.

In the firm where I currently work I have observed some strategic initiatives the organization posses such as flexibility. In this type of work a supervisor of protective investigators depends a lot in trust and a supervisor role is crucial when understanding that a protective investigator needs time to investigate...

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