Topics: Working class, Marxism, Sociology Pages: 3 (760 words) Published: October 16, 2013
In Marxism, Marxian class theory asserts that the structural placement of individuals in class hierarchy, is determined not just by the distribution of power, wealth and prestige within a society. But also by the oppression of those in subordinate classes. (Katsiaficas & Kirkpatrick, 1987) “For Marx, the struggle among and between social classes results in the transition from one type of society to another.” (Katsiaficas & Kirkpatrick, 1987, pp. 234-235) Contest between the rich and the poor is a theme common in the films, ‘The talented Mr Ripley’, ‘Pretty Woman’ and ‘Titanic’, where individuals attempt to overcome the void between social classes by different means. It is through symbolism and narrative techniques that a Marxist approach to the films is reinforced.

For Tom Ripley, a standard working class man, the opportunity to seize the identity of one of Dickie Greenleafs old school friends after a case of mistaken identity was one too beneficial to give up. A smooth transition into the wealthy school boy he never was, Dickie and fiancé Marge are quick to accept him into their lives. Ripley begins to detach himself from the reality of the world he belonged to as he takes great lengths to continue living a capitalist lifestyle to which it appeals to him greatly. Welcomed into their lives only by deceit, it is similar to prostitute Vivian in the film Pretty Woman after being hired as a trophy girl for wealthy business man Edward. Upon her first visit to an upperclass clothing store she receives a number of snarly remarks before she is kicked out of the store, we gather solely on the clothes she wears. Which in film is a strong representation to the social class in which one belongs.

contest between the rich and the poor and if the rich are portrayed as greedy. Marist view there is the class divide between rich and poor. Titanic metaphor cause they have to fight it out for resources.

Symbolism of lower class lower deck. Also have individuals of the...
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