Marxism in International Relations

Topics: Marxism, Socialism, Communism Pages: 2 (544 words) Published: June 6, 2013
Pol sci 122
Contrast and compare between the conservative theories of idealism and realism and the transformative theory of Marxists. Intro: Critically discuss the similarities and the difference of conservative theories and transformative or critical theories. These theories entail idealism, realism in contrast liberalism and Marxism. 5 Main assumptions to draw a concluding contrats between a Marxist transformative theory and theories of idealism and realism” Assumption 1

Firstly, like Realism, Marxist transformative theory assumes that the structure of the international system is an important factor to consider when we want to understand international relations. Whereas realism places emphasis on the anarchic political structure of the world, Marxist transformative theory emphasises the fundamental production (economic) structure and the difference places taken up by states, societies and classes (bourgousesie, proletariat). Some examples: Russia 1920’s, workers revolution due to the economic structures put in place by the Monarchy, was an application of the Marxist theory, when it was foreseen that the workers class or proletariat, would assume control. Assumption 2:

Marxists also stress power, we saw how realist viewed the distribution as th4e most important explanatory variable in international relations, whereas idealist introduce a range of other factors which can be used to explain the events and tendencies. Here again Marxists transformatists are closer to realist than to idealism, insofar they also highlight power, differentials as an important factor. Big difference: Realists focus on state power in general, specifically on military power (hard power). Marxists tend to emphasise structural economic power. Assumption 3:

Thirdly, Marxists transformatists also share realism sceptical attitude towards the role of morality in international relations. Marxists assumes morals are often and ideological smokescreen use to highlight the real...
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