Marxism and the Matrix

Topics: Marxism, Karl Marx, Capitalism Pages: 3 (922 words) Published: May 20, 2008
The movie, “The Matrix” is an outstanding example of the term “Marxism”. Simply put, Marxism is the political and economic theory of Marx, advocating abolition of private property, and state provision of work and subsistence for all, and to be a Marxist, is to follow Karl Marx’s theories. Along the lines of Marx’s theories; a reality and way of life in the Matrix is maintained, oppressed, discovered, and eventually explained. Marx advocates a violent change, and The Matrix demonstrates this type of propaganda. The character Trinity sets the tone from the very start with her defying antics, and Neo’s role is realized; as this reality that is the Matrix is explained. The Wachowski brothers’ film, The Matrix, easily lends itself to a Marxist interpretation.

Early in the film, the character, Trinity, clearly sets the tone for the ensuing conflict in the film. She is seen fighting with what appears to be government forces and a bunch of established types in black suits. She is seen defying gravity, while fighting the earthbound forces that oppose her. Later, in the film, we discover that Trinity, in fact, is the more earthbound, because she is actually “real”, while the forces of the social order are unreal constructs of a computer entity. They are still, however, opposites and they still continue to fight, to the bitter end, it seems.

The main character in the movie goes by the name Anderson and at first seems to be a typical member of the society. We discover, however, that he is also a computer hacked by the alias Neo. And Neo, as his name implies, is different, a new type of person. Neo is invited by a leader of a group of rebels to venture down the “Rabbit hole” and is encouraged to take a Red pill which will supposedly lead him to fantasy land. Red is a color always associated with Marxism. When Neo takes the pill it is not fantasy that he is exposed to, but...
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