Marketing Strategy Plan

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The company operate under dif name before 1973 (PENNINES)
In may 2009 will open the first shop in DUBLIN and after all over around Globe;

P. has spend up many franchise in almost every cities and towns which is feasible for the costumers to access any outlet in the vicinity.


It is considerate to be one of the major European brand ,which are operating in almost 189 retail outlets all over the Globe. Primark employees almost 27,500 peoples in. Its outlets world wide the Company is a subsidiary of Associated British Food and is also voted as best value high street fashion brand .GMTV.

The company is confident enough about merchandise and about price -cheap. The company make sure that always will be the first choice of the consumers .

As Primark has a well recognized brand name around the Globe it was created a strong goodwill in the market . The Company have diversified the product for the consumers to get all kinds of variety under one roof ; in kind of gift to the students and consumers who are trapped to shed out more amount of money without compromising on the style and fashion available .

PRIMARK = money strategy

a) age group 18-30 years
b) sale of cheap fashion
c) expanding the market to achieve higher profits.

PRIMARK is termed to be the second largest retailer by volume- is retail clothing outlet which is famous for its catwalk high street brand ,its a fashion tag for youngsters who are stropped with cash and people who are willing to buy the same brands at a cheaper price with reasonable quality .

The objective of any business organization world target to increase sales of the company and achieve higher profits. For achieving this objective it is necessary for the Company to lower down the prices and ensure that the products are available at a price which is lowest than of the...
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