Marketing Plan

Topics: Marketing, Cavite, Shopping mall Pages: 8 (2337 words) Published: April 23, 2013
Lyceum of the Philippines University
General Trias, Cavite
Marketing Plan

Submitted by:
Alvarado, Jovelyn
Austria, John Kerwin
Bayya, Mark Angel
Blasco, Thyrone Luigi
Casimiro, Ardee Darren
Casitas, Vergel
Ramirez, Jonathan
Rosella, Julius
Tanael, Joanna
Terrobias, Juan Paolo
Villanueva, Neill Joshua

I. Executive Summary
As a requirement for the marketing subject, we, the third year students made this marketing plan regarding a souvenir shop. We chose to name the shop, Treasure Chest, because treasures are connected with the Pirates trade mark of the Lyceum of the Philippines University. Treasure Chest will be located in the ground floor of the new building of LPU-Cavite Campus, near the Bookstore and will operate this coming June 2013. Treasure Chest specializes in an assortment of high-quality merchandise ranging from customized t-shirts, varsity jackets and different accessories. Since located inside a private university, Treasure Chest caters from middle to upper class students, faculties and visitors. What differentiate our company from other specialty shops are our "one-of-a-kind" product line and a number of exclusive, proprietary products we designed ourselves and aside from that Treasure Chest will be also the first and only souvenir shop that will be established inside the Lyceum of the Philippines University- Cavite Campus.

Treasure Chest plans to generate moderate income in the year one for the business is still growing. We also plan to develop our company website and hire individuals to help us design more for the business in the coming years. We also plan to broaden our product line if the customers have easily accepted our business.

II. Current Marketing Situation
Treasure Chest target market will be all of the people within the university. To be exact, market will be comprised of the groups from: * Generation Z – This is composed mainly of high school students and lower college year level which are born with complete technology. Because they are more into internet especially the social networking sites, they also know the trend nowadays of customized and specialized clothing. They're smarter, and they're demanding we take them seriously as major consumers. * Generation Y – This is composed of mostly college students in the second to fourth year and just like the generation Z, is still into Internet world. They also tend to engaged into online shopping, that’s why a website will be developed in the next year to cater them also. They are more ethnically diverse and is experiencing tremendous growth in spending power * Generation X – this group is composed mainly of the faculties in the younger years and still we consider them as markets for they are also following the trend of nowadays. Some are married also and will be having children so they can buy our product not for them but for their child as a gift which mostly in the generation Z.

As a souvenir shop located inside a private university with a population of almost six thousand, we are expecting to have a market from middle to upper class and consisted of a mix of male and female customers. These are mostly students, faculties and also the visitors. They are educated and find "word-of-mouth" and referrals from friends and colleagues extremely significant when making decisions. Even though of the economic situation nowadays, research have found consumers have continuously been focused on how they look, how they dress and are they still in for the fashion. Treasure Chest will sell affordable products but not sacrificing the quality. We ensure to provide products that will guarantee customer’s satisfaction Product Mix

Treasure Chest offers an assorted ensemble of t-shirts, varsity jackets and other accessories designed to fit the client's personal style. Our souvenir shop also incorporates exclusive proprietary products made by us. What started out as a hobby for us soon evolved into a promising business...
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