Mapping Your Future Your Way: Mrs. Elizabeth Laroda

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On 22nd February, 2013 at 10:00a.m I arrived at Mrs. Elizabeth Laroda’s house to interview her for my Psychology 105 class project. I have known Mrs. Laroda for six years and we meet when I was working as a medical office assistant at her gynaecologist office. I decided to ask Mrs. Laroda to be my interviewee for this project because she is fifty-eight years old and the assignment required me to interview a person between the ages of fifty to sixty five. Prior to asking her, I had asked several persons but they declined because they did not want to or did not have the time to be interviewed. However, when I asked Mrs. Laroda she accepted with no hesitations. In addition, she is a very open, talkative and lively person and since this project required me spending several hours interviewing someone I wanted that person not to be uninteresting and willing to answer personal questions. The interview took three hours not because it was difficult interviewing her or because she had problems understanding the survey questions but because she is a talkative person. As a result, I found that we would start discussing topics unrelated to this assignment. During the interview I asked her questions regarding her beliefs, family and social life, and concerns about aging and entering retirement.  

Interview Questions
1.How did you meet your spouse?
2.Where do you work and how long have you worked there?
3.What are your recreational activities?
4.How do you want to spend your retirement?
5.Do you have any other means of income?
6.Do you have medical insurance?
7.What are your views on dying and the common health problems of aging? 8.Have you considered where you well live when you retire?
9.Do you have any religious beliefs and do you think they will affect your retirement? 10.Would you like to participate in volunteer activities?
11.Is your money invested to best suit your long-term needs? 12.Will you be able to afford in-home help should you need it?  
Elizabeth Evangeline Laroda was born in Nassau, Bahamas on 13th June, 1954 to Henry and Sylvia Treco. She was their only child. She resides in Saint Albans Drive with her husband, Edward Keith Laroda, of twenty years. They met when she was working as a sales clerk at John Bull and at first she was hesitant to become involved with him because he was an American and did not permanently live in the Bahamas. They do not have any children together but raised her son, Mark, from her previous marriage together. She has two granddaughters, Mia who is five years old and Hanna who is three months. For six years she has worked as an office clerk at D.W.Davis Junior High School and some of her recreational activities include reading, cycling, going to the movies, travelling , having quiet time with God and working with her church’s youth group. As persons become older they become increasingly aware of the gradual changes in their bodies that mark the aging process and their response to these changes depends on their self-concepts (Feldman, 2008, p. 513). According to Mrs. Laroda becoming older has been a frustrating, difficult and irritating experience. When she was younger she could drink and eat whatever she wanted but now that has changed because she suffers with acid reflux, which she never had when she was younger. Acid reflux is the backward flow of stomach acid into the esophagus and it can be trigged by certain foods (Picco, 2011). A nearly universal change in eyesight during middle adulthood is the loss of near vision this is known as presbyopia (Feldman, 2008, p. 514). As she got older Mrs. Laroda experience this change and now has to wear glass but only does at work because she thinks they make her look old. Physical appearance often plays an important role in determining how women see themselves especially in Western cultures where women face strong societal pressures to retain youthful appearance (Feldman, 2008, p. 513). Maintaining her...

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Picco, M. F. (2011, January). Is acid reflux the same as gerd? Retrieved from
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