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Case study: Maple Leaf Shoes Ltd.


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What’s The Case
Maple Leaf Shoes Ltd. was established in 1969 in Mario Mancini. It is one of the key manufacturers of leather and vinyl shoes in Wilmington Ontario. Currently, it hires more than 400 employees in its Ontario plant and 380 employees in offices and warehouses all over the world. Robert Clark is the president and chief shareholder in Maple Leaf Shoes Ltd. As a matter of fact, he has to re-evaluate the position of human resources manager and select a new people who will replace current manager John McAllister. Tim Lance was the only people to observe the present and future role of Maple Leaf’s human resources department and gave the recommendations on proper implantation plans and assistance this company solve the existing problems and meet some future challenges. Lance recognized that human resources function was seen very differently, so he interviewed with three key senior managers (Tim McDonald, general manager, finance; Pat Lim, general manager, marketing; Robert Clark, president). In addition, Lance interviews with the three key employees who are Jane Reynolds, special assistant to the human resources manager; Tony Rezkov, manager of administration and security; and Joseph McDonald, the industrial relations officer in the human resources s department. In order to select a right people in Maple Leaf Company, Lance needs to well understand current requirements of human resources positions from different views. Due to time constraints, Lance was scheduled to complete this project himself and had a meeting with Robert Clark about the summary of his findings and recommendations. Therefore, in the final section I mentioned an implementation plan which included effective actions to select right human resources manager. Problem Statement

The problem with Maples Leaf Shoes Ltd. was that the company needs to select a right human resources manager who should be an expert on people and company. On one hand, this person should play an important and leading role in employee job planning, organizational design, and other important activities. Moreover, new human resources manager need to make plans strategies and handles the short and long-term challenges by facing global completion, labor and production cost, and development for employees. On the other hand, this person need to good at with company’s human resources activities. For example he/ she need to open a new situation to work with four unions. According to the other managers’ said, there has been an increasing degree of worsen relations between Maple Leaf company and unions during the last several months. So human resources manager should take responsibility to solve these problems and take the effective actions to enhance the situation. Analysis of Alternatives

This section presents with two different ways in which the problem can be resolved. Based on problem statement, this case study gave alternatives analysis A and B. Plan A:
Maple Leaf Shoes Ltd. should recruit an expert human resources manager from head-hunting company. Firstly, new human resources manager has to meet a lot of requirements which related to employment: planning career, keeping employee records, reviewing employee performance, supporting training and development, enforcing company policy and regulations, etc. Secondly, this person must promote Maple Leaf’s production processes by improving company’s efficiency and competitiveness in the current and future level. Compared with the Chinese and the Mexicans on the labour costs, company need to be redesigned and pay more attention on technological upgrading and improving employee productivity. Thirdly, new human resource manager need to have strong skills to deal with unions in the future. This is a big issues for this company, because human resource department communicate with...
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