Managing Communication

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Managing Communication

Stakeholder in Burger King:3
AC 1.2 Explain the systems used for communicating key information to the stakeholders in your chosen organization.5 AC 2.1. How communication is influenced by values and cultural factors. Evaluate these influences within the organisation you have researched.7 AC 2.2 The use of technology – how it helps communication and whether it also hinders communication. Support your work with examples.8 Communication Is Quicker:8

Expanded Communication Opportunities:8
Communication Must Be More Deliberate:9
Communication Is More off-putting: 9
Task 3 – Interpersonal communication 10
AC 3.1 Evaluate the effectiveness of your own communication skills.10 The Communication Quiz :10
I have evaluated my communication skill based on the following quiz : 10 Score Interpretation:11
AC 3.2 Include theories of interpersonal communication in your evaluation.12 AC 3.4Plan your own personal development to improve your own communication skills:13 AC 4.1 :Communications audit of Burger King :13

AC 4.3 Recommendations :14
AC 4.4 Evaluation and conclusion:15

AC1.1 Understand the background to organisational strategic change, Identify the key stakeholders in the organisation and for each stakeholder analyse the key information and knowledge they need. Compare your findings with the knowledge and information needed by stakeholders in other organizations.

Organizations can be seen as systems operating in multidimensional environments. Organisational change is often motivated by major external factors, for instance, extensive cuts in funding, decreased market opportunity and dramatic increases in services. Usually, organisations undertake technical, structural or strategic shifts in the organisation to evolve to a different level in their life cycle, for example changing from a highly reactive organisation to a more stable proactive environment. Many organisations are undergoing a radical process of transformation to adapt with present business needs [1]. Now the question is what is the strategic change in a particular organization? Strategic change can be defined as a difference in the form, quality, or state over time [2] in an organization’s alignment with its external environment. A restructuring of an organization's business or marketing plan that is typically performed in order to achieve an important objective. For example, a strategic change in the Burger King might include shifts in a corporation's policies, target market, mission or organizational structure. Stakeholder in Burger King:

They key stake holders of Burger King are Share holders, Management and employees, Customers, Supplier, Financial organisation, Government, Trade unions, City council who can influence the change and can be affected by the change in the organization.

The key information and knowledge stakeholder needs depends on their role and the interest they have on Burger King. shareholders specifically looking for company performances such as periodical financial data. In addition, suppliers are interested in sales figures of business. Moreover, government is interested in company performances to create the employment opportunities to make the country wealthy. For example, Burger King shareholders keeps their eyes on financial data to see whether business is losing or getting profit or Burger King HR manager look at staff information in order to recruit and retain the right staff in right position.

AC 1.2 Explain the systems used for communicating key information to the stakeholders in your chosen organization. Various way of communication system used in my chosen organization i:e: Burger king. The effective use of this system are very crucial for development of the business. Some of them are briefing, emailing, performance appraisal, periodical meeting, training, publishing financial data in news paper, websites, sending...

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