Malling Culture

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An Emergence of Shopping experience - Malling culture

What comes to your mind when you hear the word `Mall`? Shopping, food, movies, entertainment or maybe time pass? Well, the word may bear different meanings to different people but it definitely stands for more than any of these things. Today, shopping malls have become a part and parcel of daily life of people living in Metros and big cities.

Mall culture in India and especially in Delhi & NCR has grown with an incredible pace. Just a few years back, people had to make a choice among shopping, movies or hanging out on a holiday but thanks to our malls, all these jobs can be performed at the same time, under the same roof and that too with a wonderful experience. And it is basically the experience and not the intention that counts when it comes to malls.

The reason why shopping malls are so popular lies in their international appeal. It seems to be a thing of history when shopping malls had their presence only in places like Singapore and Dubai. In fact, now they are everywhere around us.

If we dive back in time to the early Nineties, Ansal Plaza appeared to be the only popular shopping mall of the region but presently there are more than two dozens of well-established malls in the region and another 140-odd new shopping arcades are set to dot the city landscape in days to come.

People find these malls to be the best place to shop or hang out in summer heat as they offer free entry to a completely air conditioned complex with good music playing all around and loads of window shopping opportunity which is appreciated by one and all. Not to forget the numerous food joints that serve different cuisines meant to magnetize the taste buds of all the foodies.

Though malls are equally popular among all ages, the true lovers of multiplexes are the youngsters for whom malls are the `ultimate place to be`. These malls serve their various purposes like shopping, watching movies, dating or just to hang out though they really don’t need a purpose for being there. “Malls are the coolest and safest place to go bunking”, says Raghav, a college student while the other boys and girls belonging to the same age group have no different opinions. These malls have also come up with different ways to cater to their target visitors like some of them have discos where the Gen-X get a chance to chill-out during nights. Mohit says, “Opening of discos has added a new adventure and fun to my life. I can now go and party in the night too.”

These malls have changed the trends to an extent that the glamour that could be seen only on the silver screen has now come to our cities and we can actually see it in our neighborhood. Almost all the malls present in the region can match any high-quality mall in any part of the world. Prospects of shopping malls in IndiaGlobal estimates say India will be home to 26.2 million square feet of shopping malls in 2006 and the good news for the people belonging to NCR is that 40% of these will be concentrated in this region alone.

Introduction of malls has not been able to replace traditional markets, which are still popular among the pocket conscious people, but has definitely added a new adventure to the shopping experience. The retail business in India is set to witness heady growth in the years ahead with the number of shopping malls in Asia's third largest economy rising to a staggering 358 by the end of 2007, says a study. The country has some 100 malls now, with the National Capital Region (NCR) and Mumbai accounting for maximum numbers of the gleaming shopping centres, says a study by the Images fashion magazine. The retail sector will see over 34 million sq ft of shopping centre space by the year end, said the report on shopping centre development in India."Performance beyond expectation is all the more significant in the backdrop of adverse reports and predictions on this sector," said Amitabh Taneja, director...
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