Mall Goers

Topics: Boy, Shopping mall, Low-rise jeans Pages: 4 (1349 words) Published: April 18, 2013
Mall Goers

On a cold, sunny, Thursday afternoon, I head to the Christiana Mall, in Newark, Delaware. I pull into the parking lot and notice that it’s quite crowded; people are fighting over the closet parking spots. I drive around to find a place to park, passing by the bus station outside of Target. There are a lot of people of different races, standing there, shivering, and attempting to keep warm on the bitter winter day. As I pass, I notice an African American guy with head phones in his head, dancing as if he were Beyoncé on stage, people staring at him like he were a fool.

Something that is completely and utterly surprising to me is the highlight of my entire day. As I pull up closer to the Cheesecake Factory, an SUV is blocking the isle to get to the next one, but as I’m trying to figure out what the car is doing, a black male is running across the sidewalk toward the entrance to the mall followed by a group of white males after him. The group of white males tackles the black male down to the ground, beating him up like he just had stolen something. Then a man in a DEA uniform steps out of the SUV in front of me. It had to have been a drug bust; I never knew that the Christiana Mall got so much action!

Furthermore, I find a parking spot which seems miles away from the entrance, and I enter the mall to settle at a table in the food court. Crispy chicken breast scent lingers in the air, with a combination of stir fried steak, French fries, and warm fresh baked Auntie Anne’s pretzels. The odor mixture makes people hungry just by walking through the court. I hear loud laughter, and children screaming, on top of the over played radio music that is heard in the background. At this time, I spot quite a few young people, kids that appear to still be in high school, grouped together, not carrying any shopping bags. They’re standing by the pizza place, right outside of Forever Twenty One store, planning their next moves. Teenagers are drawn to the mall,...
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