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Topics: Life expectancy, Gerontology, Old age Pages: 3 (1016 words) Published: December 11, 2014
Philip  Raftopoulos  
English  Form  III  
An  Improved  but  Burdened  Life  
Much  can  be  accomplished  in  the  life  of  a  human  being.  Yet,  inevitably,  there  will  be   death.  The  average  person  can  only  expect  to  live  into  their  eighties  or  nineties.  However,  in  Lost   Horizon,  by  James  Hilton,  there  is  a  very  unique  way  in  which  the  people  of  Shangri  La  bypass   this  expectancy.  They  combine  the  characteristics  of  the  nature  in  The  Blue  Moon  Valley  with   consuming  the  tangatse  berry.  This  allows  the  inhabitants  to  live  to  around  twice  the  normal  life   expectancy  and  will  also  retard  the  process  of  aging.  For  instance,  someone  living  at  Shangri  La   is  able  to  live  to  at  least  one  hundred  sixty,  and  when  they  are  eighty,  they  will  look  as  if  they  are   forty.  There  are  certainly  advantages  to  this.  But,  many  people  would  not  want  to  live  to  such  an   old  age,  even  with  the  process  of  aging  being  slowed.  It  is  a  valid  opinion.  If  this  method  of   living  longer  happened  to  one  without  being  confined  to  Shangri  La  and  having  to  eat  the   tangatse  berry,  there  would  be  both  advantages  and  drawbacks.  Two  noticeable  advantages  of   living  twice  the  normal  life  expectancy  are  that  one  would  have  more  time  to  accomplish  their   goals  and  that  one  would  gain  more  knowledge.  However,  two  important  disadvantages  of  this   are  that  there  would  also  be  a  longer  period  of  time  when  one  would  not  be  able  to  achieve  their   goals  and  that  it  would  become  difficult  to  adapt  to  the  changing  world.    

A  clear  advantage  of  living  to  a  much  older  age  is  that  there  would  be  more  time  to   accomplish  goals.  There  would  be  a  longer  amount  of  opportunity  in  which  one  would  be  able  to   do  this....
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