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Lifespan Reflection: The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
Terri Griffith
The Chicago School of Professional Psychology

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button depicts the life of a man who essentially ages in reverse. This bizarre phenomenon was represented by the aging process of an “elderly-looking” infant who gradually grows into an “infant-looking” elderly. The film tells the story of Benjamin through the life experiences and changes that he goes though. The following reflection will analyze some physical, psychological, relationship, intelligence, and social issues related to Benjamin’s aging process.

As the story begins, Benjamin was born with the physicality of an 80-year-old man, however his mentality was that of an infant. He was initially physically small, yet looked old and as he ages through toddlerhood, began to look more like the “elderly” portrayal of his outer appearance. He had wrinkles, he used a cane, was hunch-back, his voice was raspy, he needed the aid of glasses, and physically experienced all the common themes of older adulthood. As he aged, however these physical attributes began to diminish and his appearance began to gradually change into that of a younger looking man to a young man to a child to an infant. At the peak of this process, he had probably met a middle ground where he physically looked like a mature man, and chronologically was the age of a mature man. I image this “middle age” being when his appearance was probably closest to his actual age, around 30 years old; and as that middle age progressed, there was once again a dissonance between the way he looked and the age he actually as.

From a psychological perspective, there had to be a plethora of experiences, which were maybe not even obviously revealed in the film, which had an effect on Benjamin’s psyche. First, form birth Benjamin was taken in by a woman who ran a nursing home, and though he was an infant,...
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