Kensington Market

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Kensington Essay
The Outer Landscape of Culture (CMHR820 – Section 4A0)
By: Baldev Singh (500356521)
To: Professor Steven Chuang
June 12, 2013
Topic and Relation to Cultural Landscape
I chose the topic, “Mixed land uses – residential and commercial retail”. Mixed land uses are quite common in the City of Toronto. In the past, it has been looked as a viable option, but recently it has become an attractive option due to the benefits it brings. These benefits include a pedestrian-friendly environment, a bicycle-friendly environment, a tight-knit community, and a reduction of distances between housing to retail businesses. This topic relates to cultural landscape because Kensington Market was intentionally designed by the “man” to serve a purpose of a neighborhood which includes a residential and commercial retail environment. I chose this topic for Kensington because when I immediately arrived at the site, I noticed how physically close the residential area was to the marketplace. As I was walking down the market with my classmates, I couldn’t help but notice in one of the buildings, I saw someone residing in the second floor, and with the ground floor being used as a retail environment with one purpose, which was to serve the customers. Background on Kensington Market

It all started when Greg Taylor Denison purchased an area of land from Queen Street to Bloor Street and from Augusta to Lippincott. Bellevue Square Park at the time was used as a parade ground for his troops when he was involved with the Upper Canada Rebellion. The land Mr. Denison purchased was then divided in 1850, and houses were eventually built to accommodate mostly Scottish and Irish immigrants in 1880. Around 1910, Canada received Jewish immigrants from Europe, and as well as Italians. Both of these ethnic groups resided in Kensington Market. .This area later became known as the “Jewish Market” due to the large influx of immigrants from Europe. As more houses...

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