Kapampangan Teens on Mall Preference

Topics: Shopping mall, Retailing, SM Mall of Asia Pages: 8 (2450 words) Published: August 6, 2011
Kapampangan Teens on Mall Preference: SM Pampanga versus Robinsons Starmills (Qualitative)

The research focuses on the preferences of Kapampangan teens to SM Pampanga over Robinsons Starmills. The group chose to focus on teens (13- 19 years old of both genders) because: (1) they tend to be heavy users of shopping malls (Baker and Haytko, 2000), (2) they spend disproportionately larger money in those in which they have a high degree of interest and involvement (McCasland, 2004), (3) they have more purchasing power because of continuous financial support from their families and lesser financial responsibilities, (4) there is little research conducted on teen mall preferences (Baker and Haytko, 2000). It is well-known that teens have the spending power, both in terms of personal purchases and influences over the family spending. Hence, retail stores like SM Pampanga and Robinsons Starmills must understand the connection of teen mall preferences and their retail strategies. This study aimed to describe the mall preferences of Kapampangan teens in relation to their mall choice –SM Pampanga over Robinsons Starmills. A Correlational Analysis through observations, surveys, and questionnaires are going to be used to answer the following areas: 1.What is the “standard” shopping mall look like to Kapampangan teens? 2.Why do Kapampangan teens prefer SM Pampanga over Robinsons Starmills? Sampling techniques, surveys, questionnaires, and other important rating scales were used in previous studies to collect attribute data on mall preferences. But as stated before, there were limited studies conducted for teens’ mall preferences (particularly on a specific geographic area -Pampanga). The group got interested in doing such research for all of them belong to the same category. The members of the group are also curious about their deeper and unrevealed views; if people of their ages have a common response on the subject matter.

Mall preferences in relation to mall choice among the general population have been studied and research both quantitatively and qualitatively. Research on shopping mall behaviour indicates that age groups differ regarding preferences for mall attributes (Anderson, Burns & Reid, 2003). Also entertainment available could influence mall choice and décor of a mall is important for apparel consumers (Baker & Haytko, 2000 cited from Preez, et. al., 2009).

According to the study of Ibrahim and Wee (2002), the results suggested that beside retailer and customer factors, transport model/travel factors also play an important role in shoppers’ entertaining shopping experiences. Retailer factors include “shopping center features, “atmosphere” and “value-added features”. Customer factors are “hedonic-oriented” and “utilitarian-oriented” while transport mode/travel factors incorporate “effort”, “protection”, “comfort”, “enjoyment”, and “tension”.

Teens seem to be concerned with how “cool” stores are within a mall. Coolness of the mall is tied to the types of merchandise the stores carriers. In the quantitative study of teen girls and mall shopping experiences of Baker and Haytko (2000), teens are looking for stores that carry specific merchandise, especially the latest fashion. Tourists are attracted to unique, contemporary, sophisticated merchandise in stores (Kinley et al., 2002). Shoppers in general are attracted to “novelty” (Wilhelm et al., Wang et al., 2000).Uniqueness, trendiness, novelty –for teens, these are all synonymous terms for “coolness”.

The assortment of different stores is also identified as a decisive issue for teens as well as shoppers in general when choosing a mall (Keep & Lindquist, 1995). Aside from number of stores, variety of products, assortments of merchandise, and wide selection of goods are other considerations of teens; and Lee et al., 2004). These varieties also include food options (Baker & Haytko, 2000) and assortment of...
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