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Definition of terms
Bulb - a rubber which is squeezed to inflate the cuff
Carafe - a glass pot with a pouring spout
Caregiver - a worker who is qualified to provide personal care independently or with minimal supervision, to children, elderly or people with special needs (disabilities) Chestpiece - also called the head, contains the diaphragm or bell that vibrates with sound Child - an individual with age ranging from 0-13 years old

Countertop - a flat surface on top of a cabinet or display case as in a kitchen. Cuff - a fabric that is wrapped around a patient’s arm
Ear Tubes - attach the earpieces to the main body of the stethoscope Earpieces - part of the stethoscope which are placed into the ears and transmit sounds directly into them Elderly - an individual with age ranging from sixty (60) years old and above Emulsify - the process of combining two liquids that do not normally mix easily Infant - an individual with age ranging from 0- 12 months (1 yr. old) Lever - a projecting handle used to adjust or operate a function People with special needs (Disabilities) - person incapable of performing specific tasks either physically , mentally , and/or behaviorally. Rectum - the end part of the large intestine

Reservoir - a receptacle for storing fluid
Suction - force that causes a fluid or solid to be drawn into an interior space or to stick on to a surface because of the difference between the external and internal pressures. Toddlers - individuals with age ranging from 1-3 years old

Tubing-also called acoustic tubes which connect two ear tubes to the chest piece(diaphragm or bell) Valve -allows air in to inflate the cuff when the bulb is squeezed, then can be unscrewed to release the air and remove the cuff. Vessel -is a hollow container used to hold liquid

Whip - Is the process of striking something with continual, repetitive strokes Microwave Oven
A microwave oven is an oven that uses microwave to cook or heat food. Bottle Sterilizer
A bottle...
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