Joining Military

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Joining the Military
ENG 121
DEC 17, 2012


1. Medical Benefits
* 100% Medical and Partial Dental
* Use doctor of choice
* All prescriptions are free for name brand

2. Guaranteed retirement after 20 years
* Pay for rest of life
* All injury’s paid for
* Veteran benefits

3. Future life skills
* Responsibilities
* Leadership
* Free college


Some people say the military is a bad career choice, I disagree and this is why. My decision to join the military is rewarding because it has great medical benefits for my family, guaranteed retirement after 20 years, and has given me future life skills. There is a lot of people that are anti-military but, they haven’t experienced what I have in the last eight years. It has been good for me and my current and future family that I will have.

The military has great medical benefits for me and my family. It provides full medical for any type of injury including a wife having a baby and all associated procedures that may follow for mother and child. When my son was born he was admitted into the NICU for a month. After a month he needed surgery only being 5 weeks old. It was stressful enough but, knowing I didn’t have to pay for it was a great relieve to me and the mother of my child. I have the option to choose whatever pediatrician I want no matter what the cost may be. If you don’t like the doctor you have you can change at any given time and transfer your records from previous doctor. That is really good for the fact getting a second or even a third opinion on an injury is absolutely free. I broke my shoulder in 2009 and had two different doctors to look at my shoulder to ensure my shoulder was healed. The annual checkups, cleanings, and fillings are

free for family. Other dental...

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