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Topics: Social class, Bourgeoisie, Socialism Pages: 1 (375 words) Published: October 4, 2013
This thesis is entitled “Class struggle follows the idea of Marxism”. This struggle could happen between people in the upper classes and lower classes, or the rich and the poor. (Barry, 2009; Hall, 2001). This research wants to discuss how social class struggles are being shown in this movie. In this movie, the main character, John Q, struggles for his son to get the treatments in the hospital although he has no money to pay it. He believes that insurance should cover his son, but in fact the insurance would not covered. Finally John was successful to declare that there should be equality between classes and that human’s life is more important that wealth or money. The movie's main character is John Q. Archibald (Denzel Washington), a working class factory stiff who can barely make ends meet for his family. During a Little League game his son Michael (Daniel E. Smith) collapses trying to steal second base. At the hospital, the Archibalds are shocked to learn that their son has a serious coronary problem, and what's even more alarming is that their health care plan won't pay for the boy's desperately needed heart transplant. The indifferent hospital administrator Rebecca Payne (Anne Heche with prominent erect nipples) refuses to place him on the donor list unless the parents can furnish the $75,000 down payment because their HMO only covers a maximum of $20,000. The couple get little sympathy or help from the boy's self-important cardiac specialist Dr. Turner, (James Wood) and despite their attempts to raise funds by selling off possessions and getting help from their church, the hospital scoffs at the paltry and woefully inadequate sum that the Archibalds present and decide that they will release Michael, basically sending him home to die. After his tearful wife Denise (Kimberly Elise: Set it Off, Beloved) calls with the news that their son has been given a death sentence and tells him to "do something", John decides it is time to take matters into his...
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