Job Workforce Shifts

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Job Workforce Shifts
Thomas Foster
Grantham University

Job Workforce Shifts
From 1900 to 1999 the United States has witnessed a major workforce shift that is still evolving today and Human Resource Managers are playing even a bigger role within companies today. With the competitive market environment today, Human Resource Managers need to keep evolving with and roll with the many changes within the workforce. Company’s big or small better realize that they are playing a more strategic role in the success of their organization. Local and globally company’s Human Resource departments must become adaptable, agile, employee focused and resilient to remain completive within our economy today. Not only are these professionals a huge part of a company’s success, they are an employee’s partner, sponsor, and their mentor embedded within your organization.

There is no doubt that America’s workforce is in a much situation and better off in 1999 verses 1900. From the beginning of 1900, the American workforce witnesses an in creditable period where they saw their wages beginning to raise, personnel benefits grow, and working conditions improved. When the workforce is compared from the beginning to today you can see the numerous changes. For example, in the last 100 years, America’s workforce has increased approximately six fold. In the 1900 the workforce was estimated at roughly 24 million that also included kids at the age of 10 and above gainfully employed. Now fast forward to 1999, the workforce was estimated at 139 million with the ages of 16 and older gainfully employed. Not only are these numbers impressive but workplace, compensation, composition, and the very nature of work changed in those past 100 years.

During the shift, the composition of America’s labor force changed from an industrial dominated production occupations, like foresters, farmers, to those dominated by technical, service, and professional workers. A great example would be our...

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