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Elderly Income Support
Jacquelyn T. Come
University of Louisville
Elder income will affect everyone who has the good fortune to live long enough to grow old. Being elderly is an open status because people are elderly for only part of their lives. The elderly that are at the highest risk of being poor or disadvantaged fall into categories of people who are at highest risk of being poor throughout the life course, those that fall below the poverty level during their lifetime. (Sociology, 13th Edition). The elderly that fall below the poverty level are more likely to need elder income support to transition into old age with grace. This paper will discuss how historical values of __________have influenced the extent to which America has treated elder income support as a social problem and the social policies, such as _________ designed to address elder income support. It will also address how social work’s social justice mission and what sort of social policy approach is needed to address this social problem. Jackie, nicely written but add specifics so that the reader knows what will be covered

Elderly Income Support
Historical Value
Good application of historical values with Jimenez as evidence!Jimenez states that, “individualism and its corollary, independence, are core American values,” (Jimenez 2010 p. 49). Jimenez refers to ideologies that most Americans believe, that independence is far superior to dependence as a way of living one’s life. If this be the case, how do one assure the ability to live independently in old age? The achievement ideology is that if you work hard and get a good education you will achieve the “American Dream” tends to lend credibility to that those who are elderly and living in poverty did not work hard nor did they get a good education. Individuals’ employed or self-employed pay 6.2 percent of their income to the federal government and 1.4% for medical insurance. This money is placed in an account so that social security is available when one reach retirement age. This amount can range from $575.00 per month to as high as $2,045 depending on the number of years worked and the amount paid into the system. (SSA). When placed in this perspective, an individual working fifty years for a company and receiving minimum wage, when reaching retirement age, their retirement income will be far less than an individual working for a company and receiving far above the minimum wage. The 2012 United States Department of Commerce Economic and Statistical Data, United States Census Bureau statistical data indicate that there were 46.2 million people in poverty in the United States. In 2011, 7.2 percent of workers aged 18-64 were in poverty. This ratre has not significantly changed since 2010. (US Census Bureau 2012). Of this amount, 7.2 percent of workers aged 18-64 who work and are in poverty, the “American Dream” seems to lack credibility. According to the Administration on Aging, the number of individuals sixty-five years of age reached 43.1 million in 2012 an increase of 7.6 million or 21% since 2002. This number is projected to continue to increase over the next twenty-eight years to over 60%. The population of older old adults is also increasing as the number of those eighty-five and older will grow dramatically over the next fifty years. (US Census Bureau 2012) Social Problem

The desire to retain ones individualism does not diminish ast one reaches old age. The ideology of individualism that began in in the American Revolution has not waned; if anything, this belief in the importance of individual rights and responsibilities has grown over the centuries. (Jimenez p. 48). Societal views regarding the aged tend to fluctuate. According to the United States Census Bureau 2012 report on Income, Poverty and Health Insurance in the United Sates, elderly single women have different income outcomes than elderly single men. You could have provided the data… Elderly...

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