Jack London

Topics: Jack London, Socialism, Writing Pages: 3 (922 words) Published: June 25, 2013
Jack London
This writer is often called by an embodiment of an American dream. He created himself, counting only on the forces and the persistent work. Within 18 years he didn't put down a notebook where wrote down all the thoughts and supervision which could be useful to him in work and that wouldn't occur, daily created 5 pages of texts. Him called Jack London. He was born on 12th of January in 1876 in San Francisco where his parents - Flora Wellman, the daughter of the ruined wheaten magnate run away from the house in her early age, traveled all over a floor of America, earned by music lessons, and William Cheney who called himself the professor of astrology met each other. Before William was the fisherman, the worker at match factory, the notary, the news dealer and the fiction writer. Young adventurers lived together not for long. Having known that Flora is going to have a baby, William disappeared. When Jack was 8-month-baby, his mother married to the carpenter John London, 40 -year-old widower. The childhood was remembered by Jack by constant feeling of hunger and moving in search of the best place. Eventually the family settled in Ocland - in the industrial small town. Jack started to earn additionally - carried newspapers, helped the owner of a bowling alley, and any free minute spent for reading. In his 15 Jack was employed by the worker on cannery, and some months later, borrowed 300 dollars, bought a small schooner and began to plunder oyster shallows. After year, having realized that a piracy too risky business, he was employed by the sailor and more than a year spent at the sea. Having descended on the coast, and without having found permanent job Jack London began to tramp, for what stayed month in prison. Having left from there, sat down for books, left secondary school, in his 20 entered the university. There he got acquainted with Bess Maddern who will support him in difficult years and in a consequence becomes his wife. After the first...
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