“It Has Been Argued That a Strategic Approach to Human Resource Planning Is Required as a Foundation to Ensure the Alignment Between an Organisation’s Competitive Advantages? Hr Strategies. Using Examples, Definitions

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“It has been argued that a strategic approach to human resource planning is required as a foundation to ensure the alignment between an organisation’s competitive advantages? Hr strategies. Using examples, definitions and appropriate theory and models to illustrate your argument, demonstrate the the role of hr planning can play in achieving successful organisational outcomes.”

Human Resource Planning plays a very significant role in successful achievement of corporate strategy. There is a strong relationship between human resource planning and corporate strategy which is depicted in this essay. Human Resource Planning is very vital because all its activities such as rationalizing (downsizing), hiring part time or casual workers influences the organization because all of them relate in successful establishment of corporate strategy. Human Resource Planning definitely helps a firm in gaining competitive advantage and this is argued thoroughly in this essay. Relevant examples of General Motors and Honda are illustrated in this essay to support the argument of the relation between corporate strategy and Human Resource Planning. The Kirkpatrick Model theory is also explained which helps in setting the standards for the quality of training provided and thus evaluating it. KMart a booming organization in Australia provide excellent training to its employees, this is also depicted in this essay efficiently In the beginning of an organisation we tend to organise a plan. This plan is strategically formed on different basis and is called corporate strategy. Corporate strategy is the outline of decisions in a company that determines its objectives, principle, policies, the environment in which its going to compete and plans to achieve company goals.(Ross, 2003). Influenced upon Corporate strategy we have hr strategy which includes many management practices which help us to gain competitive advantage. After determining the corporate strategy the next strategy that comes into play is competitive strategy. Every organisation runs on the customer needs. In order to satisfy the customers of the product and firm we need to win the competition among our competitor’s .To gain competitive advantage we need to have a good combination of competitive strategy and good planning of our human resources. According to Porter there are many types competitive tactics and its firm responsibly to adopt right kind of approach and direct its human resources. For instance he stated about three kinds of strategies that are 1) innovation strategy 2) quality enhancement strategy 3) cost reduction strategy. Innovation strategy is all about developing advanced products and services as compared to our contender’s. Quality enhancement strategy is about focusing and improving quality of the product and last but not the least is cost reduction strategy in this we tend to reduces our cost as compared to our opponents. Further discussing about these strategies he discussed about Honda .Honda accepted the quality enhancement strategy and aligned its hr practices to stand against its competitor’s. Honda has planned its hr practices according to its Corporate and competitive strategy form example it hire people on long term basis provide them with training. Moving on to communication with the organisation they have just four levels between factory manger and its employee’s .if Honda would have decided to work according to cost reduction strategy it might not be as effective as the quality enhancement.(Schuler & Jackson, 2001 ) Moving on lets see how SHRM and Planning help a organisation to gain competitive advantage. In SHRM the word “strategy” comes from Greek language in which means “general” .The word has its roots in military where it was used as a general’s plan behind war. (De Cieri et al, 2003, pg 48).In almost every organisation we have organization strategy which is followed by strategic human resource management. Shrm helps an organisation to achieve the...
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