Issues Related to Ageing Population on Workplace

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Issues Related to Ageing Population on Workplace

As decreasing birth rates and raised expediency of people have lead to in an ageing population all over the world. By the year 2050, the proportion of persons aged 60 years and older is expected to double, and will account for 21% of the total global population. ( At the same time, birth rates are falling: in the year 2000, children represented 30% of the world’s population, but by 2050, they will account for only 21%.8 Developed countries, in particular, have a significantly older population and have birth rates lower than the level needed to replace generations. (

The aging of the population in Canada’s work force is going to be more serious. Statistics Canada the median age of Canada’s “active” population reached 41.3 years in 2001, up from 38.1 just a decade previously. By the year 2011, the median age is expected to reach a high of 43.7 years. ( in Appendix 1) According to Human Resources Development Canada (HRDC) estimates, as much as 41% of the working-age population will be between the age of 45 and 64 by 2011, up from 29% in 991. ( ) Ageing employees mean the “Mature”, who are experienced, skilled, and knowledgeable generation (58 or more years old in 2002 data were collected and 60 or more years old today). (, But the company will be hard pressed to fulfill their turnovers because of continuing ageing issues.

All the information above shows the workforce has been growing older and the shrinking. People is going to retire at their scheduled age, in contrast, the number of younger workers is dropping gradually, which lead to an overall shortage of workers to meet the needs of business. As a result, HR managers will face a critical challenge of managing the ageing workforce. Thus HR manger has to take effective actions to plan and solve the problems of the shortage and burden of work force from the fundamental solution to the organization to reach their goals more productivity.

2. Issues &Challenges of Ageing Population on Human Resource Aging worker on the human resources and social productivity market has more direct and profound impact.

1)The negative perceptions held by younger people to the ageing will lead to conflict between the young and ageing employees. “In almost every study, variations within an age group far exceed the average differences between age groups”. ( HR manager also have to address the issue of how to cope with younger manager managing the ageing employees, because many young managers hold negative biases about old workers. According to Woods, R. H. & King, J.Z (2010), the young think commonly the ageing workers: •Are unlikely to keep up with new ideas and technology

Are less competent as managers
Are less creative and inflexible and resistant change
Cost more to employ and have higher accident rates
Take longer or are more difficult to train
Are absent more and less productive and exhibit poorer performance

Thus, HR manager may introduce a program that let older work to involve training to develop their skills and make them advanced in the group with unhappy argument. In this way, the attitude for age employees will be changed.

2)Because the makeup of today’s work force is much different than it was in the past. HR manager will encounter how to conduct something with characteristics of ageing in the workplace. There of a question of if the aged worker can be able to do this job that needs to be strong enough to have a quick action. Moreover, some changes HR manager has never met before. For example, today HR manager has a program designed to recruit and motivate young entry-level personal. These programs likely will not work for older employees. In my opinion, older workers do make good employees. However, someone thinks the cost of older workers is too high, but many...

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