Issues Affecting the Aged

Topics: Gerontology, Abuse, Death Pages: 3 (817 words) Published: May 15, 2013
Issues Affecting the Aged
Donna Camacho
April 24, 2011
Barbara Kennedy

Issues Affecting the Aged
There are many issues that affect the aged. Not only do issues of the mind and body exist, but others as well. There are family issues, financial issues, housing issues and many more. In this paper, this writer will endeavor to highlight some of the issues facing and affected the aged and explain them. Medical and Mental Issues

Many issues both genetic and environmental affect how we age. Medically, the most widespread condition that affects the aged is coronary artery disease, followed by stroke, cancer, pneumonia, and the flu. Accidental falls unfortunately are not uncommon for the elderly and often result in hip fractures (Levy, n.d.). Our aged population copes with other physical and mental issues as well. Sometimes one individual can be dealing with one or more of the following conditions: * Heart conditions

* Dementia, including Alzheimer’s disease
* Depression
* Arthritis
* Osteoporosis
* Diabetes
* Breathing problems
* Parkinson’s disease
* Cancer
* Eye problems (cataracts, glaucoma, Macular Degeneration) * Slowed reactions
* Thinning of the skin which leads to wounds that will not heal quickly * A weakened immune system which can make fighting off viruses, bacteria and diseases difficult * Diminished sense of taste and smell (usually for smokers) (Levy, n.d.). Abuse and Neglect

Monahan and Bryceland (2005), define elder abuse as: The causing of any physical, mental, or sexual injury to an elderly adult including exploitation of his or her finances. Physical abuse of an elder is non accidental use of force that results in injury or pain. Included may be physical assaults, hitting or shoving, inappropriate use of drugs, restraints or confinement. A situation where an elderly person is living in conditions presenting a risk of injury or death is also considered abuse. If an...

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