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Topics: Anita Roddick, Retailing, Shopping mall Pages: 1 (373 words) Published: April 4, 2013
Strategic Management Report of The Body Shop

The Body Shop is a famous business which covers all over the world. It produces a lot of products for facial and body care. The founder of The Body Shop, Dame Anita Roddick said “I just want The Body Shop to be the best, most breathlessly exciting company – and one that changes the way business is carried out. This is my vision.” It seeks several of wonderful nature and herbaceous materials and uses them to make the all products. And now it has a lot of different series of skin care products like Japanese Cherry Blossom, Moroccan Rose, White Musk, Cocoa and Mango and so on.(106)

For the more, it is important to analysis a SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) of The Body Shop.

Strengths| 1. Using wonderful nature material like tea tree, sweet lemon and hemp to make products. 2. Taking a big share of market of skin and body care products, set up businesses in several countries like UK, Singapore and China Hong Kong. 3. It has strong financial background and belongs to L’Oreal. 4. Against animal testing, defending world environment and ethical trade to won a superior reputation.| Weaknesses| 1. It always sets up stores in crowded and prosperous shopping malls, when customers become more and more, the services would be slow, customers would be impatient, they would like to shop at a retail outlet in centre location. 2. It doesn’t monopolize the products which make of nature materials.| Opportunities| 1. Because it belongs to L’Oreal, so it could learn the technology and experiences from L’Oreal to make more new products to satisfy the customers. 2. It could exploit the market of men and develop more men’s products to increase the sales volume of men. 3. It could set up more retail outlet in centre location.| Threats| 1. There many other business also use the nature herbal material to make their products like LUSH and The Face Shop, they also set up their...
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