Introduction to Human Resources

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Introduction to Human Resources:
Jack Nelson’s problem

This case discusses a bank with high employee turnover. There are some problems in bank’s home office and braches. These problems have some cause. Jack Nelson, a member of the board of directors, realized this while touring the 22 branches and being introduced to some of the employees. The following questions will be discussed: what do I think is causing some of the problems in the bank’s home office and branches? Do I think setting up an HR unit in the main office would help? What specific functions should an HR unity carry out? What HR functions would then be carried out by supervisors and other line managers? What role should the Internet play in the new HR organization?

First, Ruth Johnson has been working for the company only two months. She didn’t know about the machine that she was using but knew how to operate the machine properly. Which mean the company didn’t have an orientation or training at the beginning of the hiring process. If the company would have trained her well she would have a better understanding of her job and responsibly. Another problem the company is having is the companies’ employee turnover was high during the past eight years which leads the supervisor to hire their own qualified employees to replace the ones that had quit. It’s a very high expense for a lower paying job to have a high employee turnover rate. They don’t have a “by the book” way hiring process for all the companies. They don’t communicate with their home office about who they hire or the problem that the company is facing; supervisors fail to train their employees and don’t have much time for them. They also don’t know about the employees work performances. I think setting up an HR unit in the main office would help. Being that the supervisors hire their own employees they might have a bias outlook on who they hire (i.e. friends, family or family friends). Also they might not have the...

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