International Human Resource Management

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International Human Resource Management

1. Explain how would the understanding of international HRM help you in your work as an international manager?

In the 21st century, a person that can become a good Manager in one company, they need a good skill in management, they can be a good leader that knows clearly about the need and want of their co-worker and moreover they can manage their co-worker with their skill. In this point, we can say that they can manage their human resource for having the right person to the right position and can lead them to achieve the goal of the company with their skill. In this next few year more companies around the world have expanded their business into the foreign country for competitive with other company that we call it “International Trade”. In the foreign country a kind of manager that can lead the company to run effective they need to have a high challenge for control this international organization, they need high skill in management and leadership, especially the skill in IHRM (International Human Resource Management). According to Dowling, Welch and Schuler (1999) before they give a definition of international HRM, they will first give a general field of HRM. They said HRM refers to those activities undertaken by an organization to utilize its human resources effectively. These activities have included: human resource planning, performance management, staffing, training and development, labor relations. Some of these activities can change when we change HRM to international HRM. By the same author they define international HRM as the interplay among three dimensions: human resource activities, types of employees and countries of operation. But base on Briscoe, Schuler and Claus (2009, p.32) they say international HRM is the study and application of all HR activities as they impact the process of managing of HR in enterprises in the global environment. The process consisted of: procuring, allocating, effectively utilizing HR in multinational enterprises (MNEs) and balancing the integration & differentiation of HR activities in foreign locations.

Based on these two definitions, we can see that international HRM is focus on human resource management across country for difference cultural, language, nation, and also difference in behavior and characteristic too. We required people that have good interpersonal skill, can deal with other, and have higher responsibility and more. The procurement is talk more on process that the company needs to find more employees to fulfill the position that free and also developing and training them to become a good employee for our company. For example, if one company has an employee that was resign from he/she work HR department need to find new employee to fulfill this position as soon as they can do it, and make sure that new employee must be acceptable by HR manager and CEO too. If they late in finding new employee they should separate this work with other in the same department to do it for helping the process working before they can find new employee. The allocation is the activity that the HR department needs to put a right person to the right job. In this point we talk about a right person (a person that specialist in one subject like accounting, marketing, or other subject) and put than in the right job (you must put this kind of person in their skill. If they are accountant, you must put them in the accounting department cannot put in the sale department). For example, if your company wants to find sale persons to sell your products, so all person that apply for this position must be good in communication with other, talkative, creative ideas and have working experiences in sale too. The Utilization of human resources is the usage of human resources in the company, how the HR department use human resources or manage its effectively that can affect to the whole company. For instance, if your company has a lot of human resource...

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3. Dr. Kenneth Kee’s Power-point slides, Topics 1: Introduction to International Human Resource Management, Date: 19th April 2013.
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