International Human Resource- Industrial Relations System About Party Law and Process and What Challenges Exist for the Global Fast Food Companies

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Globalization trends have prompted multinational companies within the human resources of transnational transfer for fast and effective local response to reach the target of transnational business. International human resources management must be elevated to a strategic level to explore and environmental factors of international business strategy can be combined to a lasting victory. International Human Resource Management is an important guarantee for multinational corporations operating overseas success and there is a multinational question very worthy of study.

1 Introduction
Australian food and beverage companies can go the new era and social progress, and human resource management environment is changing. With the advent of the knowledge-based economy, human resources management of catering enterprises are facing a new situation in the coexistence of challenges and development, risks and opportunities. In order to facilitate the implementation of human resources strategy, the food and beverage companies can adapt to the increasingly intense domestic and international competition in the market with ultimately faster development to analyze the characteristics and status of the human resource management of catering enterprises and highlight with the need for proposed targeted responded urgency.

2 Australia labor relations
On May 26, 2005, the Australian federal government announced the country's labor system reform with the introduction of the new workplace relations system called Work Choices. This is considered that in the recent decades, Australia conducted a substantive change in this regard, if Australia 85% of the nation's office workers will have a direct impact. Now in the reform background, characteristics and all the reaction will make a brief introduction. In the past 10 years, the Australian workplace has undergone important changes in Australian workers and businesses begun to change the way. The growing number of employees and employers can sit together to expand the collective and individual discussions in the research to develop their own workplace agreements. Australia has become one of the most powerful Western economies with exports climbing in the unemployment rate dropped significantly reaching the lowest point in three decades. The interest rate also reached its lowest level in history. To maintain Australia's economic and social prosperity, it must be implemented in the workplace fair with practical and reasonable changes to provide more jobs and higher wages. Australia's nationwide has more than 130 different labor relations legislation, and over 4000 different ruling wages provide six different workplace system as well as more than 30,000 kinds of wage levels. Australia are too many laws and regulations so many employees and employers are having difficulty formulating their own workplace agreements. The current system of the subject is the formulation a century ago and some of the content is outdated. In some parts of the current system, there are too much red tape complex and confusing. This will be not conducive to the company by a waste of human and material resources to inhibit the economic development of Australia. Australian Government believes that, from a worldwide perspective, those conducting workplace reform countries have made progress in terms of economic and employment and those who do not want to implement the reform of the labor market institutions can make the general economic downturn compared to the unemployment rate high. Re-employment in Australia is under pressure to provide an annual 170,005 thousand jobs and there are tens of thousands of graduates employment. Therefore Australia must be prepared for danger in times of peace. No matter how huge achievement, reform is imperative. Australia has six different workplace system in the federal and state system. Enterprises in the same industry have different labor system, even in the same street as the enterprise...
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