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Project Report of
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Global HR

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Ms. Tanya Nagpal

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I would also like to thanks my Mentor Ms. Tanya Nagpal, Assistance Lecturer, LFBBA, LPU who has supported me in making me this project report. Last but not the least, I would like to thank my parents & my entire class fellows & One of My “Very Best Friend” who has helped me a lot and been an encouragement & inspiration during my studies


S.NO| Topic| Page no |
1| Introduction * Introduction to the topic * Definitions * Purpose * Objectives * Nature| | 2| Review of Literature| |
3| Methodology| |
4| Dimensions Model of IHRM | |
5| Difference between domestic & IHRM| |
6| How International assignments create an Expatriate?| | 7| Significance of IHRM in IB| |
8| Major issues in IHRM| |
9| Role of IHRM| |
10| Conclusion| |
11| Reference| |


Human Resource Management (HRM) is the process of acquiring, training, appraising and compensating employees, and attending to their labour relations, health and safety concerns. It includes policies and practices involved in carrying out the people of a management position, including recruiting, screening training, rewarding and appraising. An organization’s human resource management (HRM) function focuses on the people aspect of management. It consists of practices that an organization deals effectively with its employees during the various phases of the employment cycle: pre-selection, selection and post selection. Many firms realize that they must enter foreign markets in order to compete as part of a globally interconnected set of business markets. From an HRM perspective, such organizations must foster the development of more globally oriented managers: individuals who understand foreign languages and cultures, as well as the dynamics of foreign market places. Globalization is the tendency of firms to extend their sales; ownership or manufacturing to new markets abroad. The ongoing globalization will have a strong influence on the fortunes of nations, industries, firms, and individuals. As part of these continuing changes, competitive opportunities and threats have increasingly come from outside of one’s home country. Thus, globalization has a strong influence on some of the aspects of HRM. As a result, it has become routine for managers at all levels, worldwide, to find ways to work with people from diverse cultural backgrounds. These firms must also deal with issues related to expatriation, such as relocation costs, selection, compensation, and training. The type of people, the willingness with which they work, and the commitments they exhibit towards the organization determine the competitive edge of an organization in the global market. The global firm may have the best resources at its headquarters, but the resources cannot be transferred to its foreign affiliates without making it suitable to the new environment. The advent of the...
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