International Dimensions of Organizational Behavior and Human Resources Management

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International Dimensions of Organizational Behavior and Human Resources Managment OB 610

Kamalesh Kumar, Ph.D., Professor of Business Strategy
(313) 593-5214 (Work)
Julie Dziekan, DBA, Asst. Professor of Organizational Behavior
(313) 593-9958 (Work)

Course Description

The course aims to provide a systematic review of international environmental forces and their influence on all management areas of corporate entities. Emphasis is placed on the issues confronting managers in international arena as they attempt to plan, organize, staff and control global operations of multinational companies. The course will offer in-depth coverage of cross-cultural management, behavioral dimensions of managing organizations in the global context, and human resources management issues.


OB 510 and HRM 561

Required Textbooks

International Dimensions of Organization Behavior, Nancy J. Adler, Thompson-South-Western, Fifth Edition, 2008, ISBN 13:978-0324-36074-5 & 10:0324-36074-6 International Human Resource Management, Peter J. Dowling, Marion Festing & Allen D. Engle, Sr., South-Western CENGAGE Learning, Fifth Edition, 2009, ISBN 13:978-0324-58034-1 & 10:0-324-58034-7 Cases required for the case analysis assignment are provided as scanned copy. Click on a particular case assignment to get the scanned copy of the case and the questions you need to answer for the case.

Grade Determination

Grades in this course will be based on:
|Participation in Unit Discussion |= 100 | |6 Cases & Discussion (50 6 each) |= 300 | |Research Project |= 300 | |Final Exam |= 200 | |Total |= 900 |

Letter grades will be based on the following scale:
|97-100 |A+ |
|93-96 |A |
|90-92 |A- |
|87-89 |B+ |
|83-86 |B |
|80-82 |B- |
|etc. |

1. Participation in Unit Discussion (100 points)

Discussions Topics are posted for each Unit. You are expected to visit the Discussion Forum and discuss the topics for each unit during the week in which that unit is assigned for study. In doing so try to share your own views and experiences and debate ideas contained in each study unit. You are also encouraged to initiate a discussion topic other than those posted. Post your remark and respond to the remarks posted by others, as well. Do not post unrelated/irrelevant issues for discussion. These will result in lower discussion grade. We will monitor these discussions and a part of your grade depends on your active participation in these discussions!

2. Case Analysis & Discussion

Six cases have been assigned during the semester. These cases present to you situations in which you can apply the concepts and frameworks learned in the course, and develop an understanding of issues that this course deals with. You are required to submit a typed analysis for each case. Expected length of the case analysis will vary but, will be generally between 5-7 double-spaced, typed pages. The case analysis will require you to answer the questions associated with each case using the factual information from the case and related theory, concepts and frameworks. You must participate in the discussion forum to receive full credit for each case analysis. We will initiate the discussion by posing a number of issues related to the case. Post your remark and respond to the remarks posted by others, as well. Reasonable and civil disagreement is encouraged. Do not post long remarks that are simply cut and paste from your written case analysis. Also, do not bring in unrelated issues. These will result in lower discussion grade. You will receive credit out of only 80% of the total points (i.e. 40 points) if you submit the written case analysis but do not participate in the discussion forum. Both the quality (your...
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