Intangible Concerns of Loneliness and Depression in Ageing Population

Topics: Singapore, Population, Life expectancy Pages: 2 (297 words) Published: March 30, 2012

TO: Lim Chee Seng, Head Of Section MCYS

FROM:Mohamad Fadzly Kambari, Executive MCYS

DATE:20 March 2012

SUBJECT:Intangible concerns of loneliness and depression in ageing population

As you requested on 1 March 2012, this report outlines the results of my findings to address the intangible concerns of loneliness and depression in an ageing population and the current measures in place to address these concerns and the effectiveness of those measures.

According to an Inter-Ministerial Committee (IMC) report on ageing population in Singapore, 19% Singapore’s population will be 65 years and above by the year 2030. This is a result of failing birth rates and rising life expectancy due better health and nutrition. The concerns resulting due to this issue are loneliness and depression problems amongst the ageing population.

My findings started with a visit to various visits to elderly homes and mature Housing Development Board (HDB) housing estates. I interviewed the elderly to find out about their feelings on the ground and discovered that most felt that there is a lack of community events and programs to help them occupy their time. Those interviewed also address concerns with the lack of amenities around the community to cater to their needs.

I followed up my findings with formal and informal discussions with various community relation officers from People’s Association (PA) and Housing Development Board (HDB) and Town Council (TC). I found out that there are already measures in place to help the ageing population to participate, bond and blend with the community. However these measures, which are put in place by different agencies, are in silo and some results in double efforts, restrictive and minimal bonding with the same ageing population group and the rest of the community.




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