Industrial Revolution

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Industrial Revolution
During the Industrial Revolution a lot of countries changed. Most of European cities were populated with new factors that offered new job opportunities. The main innovator of this revolution was James Watt ho created the steam engine, this led to many other inventions. Even though America “resisted” the revolution America was strongly impacted with new education. The Industrial revolution changed the world economically, socially, politically, and morally.

To start off with, the Industrial Revolution changed many countries economically. Due to many new job opportunities new classes evolved, the working class and the rich business owners. This led to most money being spent on factories, more on new machinery, less on the workers. The middle class had to rely on themselves to succeed if they were not involved in the factories. This led to a lot of craftsmen out of work due to low budget, but most craftsmen were able to survive yet they struggled. The struggle continued socially.

Secondly, the people involved in the Industrial Revolution were socially impacted. Most men worked very long hours for low pay. This led to many women working and also children. The class structure also changed socially due to the addition of the working class and rich business owners. The population also grew due to all the people who needed jobs during this time. Social aspects of the Industrial Revolution changed the political aspects.

Thirdly, the political side of the Industrial Revolution changed. Many politicians had to meet the needs of the working class, which made up the majority of the population. Also, the rich business owners had all the money, this led to power. The business owners believed they could rule over politicians and since money for campaigning and organizing was needed they were right. The business owners basically picked who they wanted to run for office. This was the rise of machine politics that corrupted Europe. The...
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