Industrial Revolution 2

Topics: Capitalism, Industrial Revolution, Socialism Pages: 3 (858 words) Published: October 8, 1999
The Industrial revolution began in the early 1800s. The
industrial revolution could not have happened if the
agricultural revolution had not preceded it.
During the Agricultural Revolution several
inventions that reduced the need for man power were
invented. Two of those inventions were the Jethro Tull
seeding drill and the cotton gin. The seeding drill planted seeds in rows which made the crops easier to manage and
harvest. The cotton gin was invented in 1793 by Eli
Whitney, it took the seeds out of the cotton. The cotton gin made it so that the work that previously needed to be done
by fifty men could now be done by one. An idea of the
agricultural revolution was crop rotation. Crop rotation was switching the crops into different fields each year which
allowed farmers to produce 25 % more crops and more
food means more population up.
During the agricultural revolution population went
up and less people were needed to work on the farms.
There were a lot of people that needed jobs but there were
not a lot of jobs for people on farms so the people turned to the cities. The time when people went into the cities looking

for jobs which caused the populations of the cities to at
least double was called urbanization. During urbanization
the city of Manchester in the United kingdom grew from
50,000 people to 500,00 people, this rapid increase of
population took place during an extremely short period of
time. The United Kingdom became the place where the
industrial revolution was born. It happened here because
the UK had land, labor, and wealth. Factories arose first in the UK and then all over Europe.
Since there were factories everywhere, there were
plenty of jobs for the people. Even though the factories did provide jobs for the people they were not good jobs.
People started working as young as the age of six. The
average work day was 14-16 hours, and that's a lot of
working hours,...
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