increasing retirment age is good or not

Topics: Retirement, Ageing, Gerontology Pages: 1 (390 words) Published: November 25, 2013
In the ancient era people who aged over 40 were cosidered as elderly. However as time passed many promotions were provided in the varius aspects such as medical advancement.The retirement age should not be raised because many elderly need benefits as soon as they qualify for them. Elderly people often get the short end of the stick. When the retirement age is raised, you are telling millions of people that they can not receive benefits for a few more years. Some elderly people do not have the option of working as many are partially disabled or do not qualify as being disabled, even though they might as well be disabled. When these elderly people began working some 50 or so years before their retirement day, they were promised a social security fund. By raising that age, everything that they have worked for will be taken away from them for a few more years, even though they paid into the system all of those years. You should never yank the carpet out from underneath our elderly like that as retirees deserve respect as well.Raising retirement ages do nothing for productivity. The state retirement age should not be raised because it will not save money nor will it increase productivity of employees. In fact just the opposite is true - as elderly employees struggle with health issues the costs will eventually land in the lap of government that needs to pay benefits. Raising the state retirement age behooves no one.I do not believe the state has the authority to impose minimum retirement ages. The state's authority to mandate the minimum retirement age is questionable to me. If a person has the desire to retire early then they should also have the freedom to pursue their desire assuming that it does not harm another person, and I do not see why it would. Also, age is a very relative quality and one person at age 65 may be very different from another person at age 65.The retirement age should not be raised. I do not believe that the retirement age should be raised. I...
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