In Many Countries, the Proportion of Elderly People Is Increasing Steadily. Does This Trend Have More Positive Than Negative Effects on Society?

Topics: Old age, Gerontology, Unemployment Pages: 1 (304 words) Published: August 12, 2011
In many countries, the proportion of elderly people is increasing steadily. Does this trend have more positive than negative effects on society? ==================================================================

It is undeniably believed that the developed technology and sufficient welfare have magnificently provided a great chance for having mankind life extended. Combining with the fact that young couples tend not to breed, elderly individuals are now occupying an increasing percentage of the world population. Supported by a number of sociologists and economists, aging population issue will generate negative impacts on the world such as enlarging the government expenditure and reducing the workforce efficiency. First of all, subsidizing senior citizens costs governments and tax-payers massive amount of money. For instance, it was stated by The Economist that pension is now the largest expense of social welfare budget of European governments. Despite the advantages it brings, this amount of expenditure is an insurmountable burden to the government deficit and can therefore, slow down the growth of national economy. Hence, a high proportion of aging population can do harm to already harsh national economy, especially during the recent economic recession in Europe. Additionally, aging population can also reduce the efficiency of labor force. Going into details, according to The Economist, one senior citizen needs two or more juniors to be taken care of, particularly the sick. As a result, looking after aging people expends a great amount of labor forces which could otherwise profit companies and governments. Therefore, provided that labor force could be emancipated from caring the elderly, a more efficient and productive society could thereby created. To sum up, it is evident that the positive effects of high aged ratio are moot in comparison of its negative impacts. Nevertheless, it is strongly suggested that the government is...
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