Importance of Education

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Why Education Important is
Influential, exalted, These threewordsthat are and brilliant. in describe greatest the universities the world.The University of Harvard, Berkeley, Yale,and the Cambridge, OxfordUniversity, ImperialCollege London into the category the world'sbest of fall of schools. Thesecolleges all very prestigious that only the are schools go fineststudents to. Somekids,myselfincluded, havethe hopesand But, w€ cant someday. dreamsof goingto one of theseuniversities possibly there however, get Thisjourneyof withouta goodeducation. learning in and throughelementary, begins pre-school, continues middle, Youmaythinkthat whereyou are in your and highschool. schooling doesn'treallymatterright now, but everystep of the way individual. countson the roadto be a successful goodlife. It playsa vital roleto a productive, Education you improves valueand excellence one'slife as well."How sCI?" of the poverty.By gettinga mightask. Well,a goodeducation eradicates job you are ableto get satisfying that payswell. college degree, Because your salary,you will be ableto afforda goodhome, of food,and other necessities life. of clothing, into playwhenwanting be a good to Having degree alsocomes a parent.Studies haveshownthat mothers who havegoneto school who are most likelyto havehealthier, children, better-nourished marry school Also,womenwho go through and go to college succeed. parental care,Education later,havefewerkids,and haveimproved It healthproblems. opens to the augments abilityof families handle

people to numerous up opportunities, isnt that whateveryparent and wantsfor their children havealsoshownthat and themselves? Studies education the mostvaluable is weapon and efficient againstHIV, AIDS,and otherdiseases. Schooling helpspreventthe risksof also labor,and sexualabuseof children. traffickiilg, Education motivates self-assurance provides with the and us thingswe needto partakein today'sworld.It makesus more independent awareof what is goingon in the...
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