Ideal Hr Department

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Ideal HR Department

OL 600 Strategic Human Resource Management.


Executive Summary

Human Resources department should have a clear picture and understanding of what is need it in today businesses, this can be accomplish by communicating the employees the business objectives and be capable to develop and execute policies which are in place at any organization, companies need to do their best to find and retain good talent by creating an environment where they can feel not only comfortable but help the company to grow. “HR and Leaders must be a motivator and a coach, leader will accomplish far more with an enthusiastic staff, than with unchallenged staff. A leader must be able to deal their employees, they have to have personality”. (Blog#4)

“Today’s leader must be able to align, create and empower. “Today leader needs to align resources, particularly human resources, creating a sense of share objectives worthy of people’s support and even education. Alignment has much to do with the spirit and a sense of being part of a team. Today’s leader must create a culture where ideas come through unhampered by people who are fearful. Such leader are committed to problem finding, not just problem solving. Empowering individuals believe what they do has significant and measuring and meaning. Empowered people have both discretion and obligation’. (Bennis, Warren, “Managing a Dream”)

Can we create a great place to work? If every company makes this as a goal they would be able to accomplish, Google did it they were able to created it by offering benefits not only cover the employee but as the family which it include daycares, in house doctors and flex time to work from the house just as JetBlue have done with the employees, these two companies take the time to train, develop, listen and learn more from...
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