Hurrican Rita

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Incident 1 HR after a Disaster
1.         Which external environment factor(s) did Hurricane Rita affect? Discuss.  
2.         How were the human resource functions affected by Hurricane Rita?  
3.         Do you believe that the HR situation described regarding Hurricane Rita would be typical in a disaster? Explain

1. There are many external environment factors that occurred during the Hurricane Rita affect. One of the factors would be the Labor Market, which employees are selected to work in that geographic area where the company is established. However, after the hurricane it was hard for the workers to come to work and get home. For example, Walmart was a 24 hour store, they had shuttle to pick up their employees and drop them off at home and stay open on a certain schedule. Society also made an external environment factor because those homes that were destroyed needed to rebuild. Society was demanding to have their homes fixes fast. And the roads were full of traffic that some workers would put up a tent and spend the night there. Also motels were full with people who are working in the area or those who lost their homes. People being hired into jobs where they were their union and requested a certain pay. Minimum wage was no longer in effect. After the hurricane, people needed to the money to survive and asked for more money. This brought into the external environment factor of competition. Restaurants needed to survive in this industry and hired new employees and complied to pay more. Even though it just happened in Louisiana, they had to keep competing with other industries, keep the revenue coming in. Also economy would play into effect. The destruction that occurred, and financially they have to rebuild and find extra revenue to rebuild because of the struck of Hurricane Rita That’s how foundations are created when these types of events occur. This is also an unanticipated event that occurs. We have no control over Mother Nature and when...
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