Human Rseource Management

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Human Resource Management
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I wish to begin by thanking lecturer, Mr.Siham Aboujanah, thank you for the wisdom, understanding, and compassion that you have imparted to me and my ideas. I am grateful to my parents, brothers and sisters for their extreme moral support, encouragement and patience during the course of studies as well as throughout my academic career. No personal development can ever take place without the proper guidance of parents.

Topic| Page No.|
Introduction| 4|
1.1 Human Resource Management and Personal Management | 4| 1.2 Functions of Human Resource Management| 5|
1.3 Role of Line Managers in HRM| 6|
1.4 Impact of Legal and Regulatory Framework | 7|
2.1 Human Resource Planning | 8|
2.2 Stages in Human Resource Planning| 8|
2.3 Recruitment and Selection process change| 9|
2.4 Effectiveness of Recruitment and selection techniques| 12| 3.1 Link between Motivational Theory and reward| 13|
3.2 Job Evaluation| 13|
3.3 Reward Systems| 13|
3.4 Monitoring Employee Performance| 14|
4.1 Reasons for Cessation of Employees| 15|
4.2 Exit Procedures| 16|
4.3 Legal and Regulatory Framework| 18|
Conclusion | 18|
References | 19|

People are the important resource of organization. Managing them well can improve the performance and efficiency of organization. In this report human resource management is discussed. It also includes the recruitment and selection method and performance management.

Task 1
1.1 Human Resource Management and Personal Management
It is true that human resource management has been developed form personnel management. According to Storey (1995) cited by Pinnington A. et. al.(2007), HRM in more specific sense is involves line and top management in pursuing the belief that a committed and capable force will give the organization a competitive advantage. Personnel management was used in old times. In old days human resource department’s main functions were administrative in nature. This department used to do transactions and employee advocacy. It used to respond according to demands of employees. The concerns and demands were presented to Personnel managers and they used to react according to those demands. Personnel department used to be considered as free function of an organization. It was usually concerned with the things like payroll, promotions etc. If we talk of motivation, personnel department employees were being motivated with monetary rewards like bonuses, incentives etc. In old times it was thought that the job satisfaction provides the motivation to employees for performing well. The personal management philosophy is to control the employees to get the work done. It has clearly defined procedure to do a job. The employees used to be under regular supervision in the personnel management and didn’t have any independence to use their own ideas. In later times when world changed like globalization occurred and it was felt that employees are an important resource for organization, the concept of human resource management developed. They are not considered as machines or tools to accomplish the tasks of organization. Human resource management do the functions same as personnel management but in a different way. Human resource management it explained in the wider scale than personnel management. Enableing employees to give their maximum to organization are the main goal of human resource management. It develops the employees to achieve this goal. Along with performing administrative tasks its functions also includes developing strategies to manage the human resource of organization. It keeps developing the policies and functions for workforce. It is not static function. Human resource department is the essential part of organization. Almost every manager is...

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