Human Resourses Management

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2.0 The evolution
1 Social justice
The personnel function arises from the work of nineteenth century social reformers. Social reformers criticized what they saw as the exploitation of workers
Robert Owen. The core is abolished punishment, emphasizing humanization management. Create a precedent level of management; be helpful for employers and employees is equal to communication and solution to these problems.

In the early twentieth century, a close to human resources department is trade. Unilever grasp of global business operation, the protagonist in the business growth people really interested in. Unilever understand talents and the quality of the business development needs, the best talent recruitment and retention; Unilever to provide professional and world-class training system and training of the professional ability and leadership; Unilever promote enterprise's value and cultural construction, to create a working personnel to her full potential environment; Unilever's staff provide the best internal service, employees really can trust the experts; Evaluate and improve the ability of organization in unilever, improve the effectiveness of the efficiency of the company.

So the company introduces allowance housing, welfare institutions set up and developed sick pay and unemployment relief program.

2 Human bureaucracy

In the early twentieth century, personnel began to move away from its primary focus on welfare. This was a period in which large-scale industrial organizations began to emerge. Personnel as a specialism started to take shape, with responsibility to look at areas such as Henri Fayol.

Frederick Taylor put forward new conceive will experimental method import operating managementfield. separate plan and execute. standardization manage. make the best possible use of men and material. They should briefly mention analysis studies were carried out with the aim of maximising the efficiency of human labor, the rise of the human...
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