Human Resourse Management

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What is Human Resource Management (HRM)? "It's a strategic and compre-

hensive management area that involves establishing policies, practices, and admi-

nistrative structures that focus on an organization's most valuable resource – its

people." (

HRM is always a leadership, financial, and management issue. Employee costs

usually consume 70 to 80 percent of the budget of most organizations. By managing

human resources effectively and efficiently, you will know that your workers are

satisfied and motivated, willing to perform their duties to the best of their abilities.

Effective human resource management should help employees find meaningful work

and try to provide them with career satisfaction. It may also help an organization to

improve its performance and increase success.

In this essay, I will touch upon a few major issues and try to think of ideas

which may help to resolve them.

First of all, I believe that in era of organizational reforms and shrinking bud-

gets, providing high-quality service requires strong leadership. Leaders and mana-

gers need to have:

•Accurately predict human resource needs in order to deliver services to the


•A strong workforce that is properly trained and educated to help improve

customer service;

•Be able to assign staff members to the geographic areas where they are


•Good relationships with union officials (if there are any);

Also, a good leader/manager should:

•Create a positive climate for human resources;

•Create a management structure for human resources;

•Define what needs to be done;

•Make new organizational arrangements that encourage employee

participation, team work, and growth;

•Make sure that human resource activities effect the whole organization;

•Involve staff at all levels and from all departments in HRM;

•Make learning an organizational priority.
A workforce adaptable to changes in the workplace.

Now, without the support and participation of people, reforms are impossible

to implement. Plus, changes in organizational structures, levels of responsibility and

other changes can influence the motivation and productivity of your employees. It

may be challenging trying to organize a newly redesigned organization.

Also, I believe a strong and comprehensive HRM system has many benefits for

managers at all levels in the organization. And, it helps ensure that your staff deli-

vers high quality services to your clients. Here are some examples of how I think

(and how "The Manager" magazine thinks) it benefits both employer and his emplo-

Benefits of Establishing a Strong HRM System

To the Organization:

•Increases the organization's capacity to achieve goals;

•Increases the level of employee performance;

•Uses employee skills and knowledge efficiently;

•Saves costs because of the improved efficiency and productivity of workers;

•Improves the organization's ability to manage change.

To the Employee:

•Helps employees understand how their work relates to the mission and values of the organization;

•Improves equity between employee compensation and level of responsibility

•Helps employees feel more highly motivated

•Increases employee job satisfaction

When working on establishing a strong HRM system in your organization,

there are several things you should pay attention to:

•Expanding the role of HRM in the organization;

•Encourage leadership from within the human resources department;

•Develop and maintain a good management system;

•Organize a functional supervisory system;


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