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Human Resources Management Roles


5/ 21/2013

Human Resources Management Role

This paper will explain about why it important to have Human Resources Management in an organization and the role it plays. Therefore, Human Resources Management improving patient health outcomes and delivery of health care services (The Importance of Human Resources Management in Health Care, 2009).However, working as a human resources manager plays so many roles into the organization such as investment in employees. The person as a human resources manager he or she makes sure performs suit changing in staff members. Human Resources Roles

There are so many assets to Human Resources roles. Human Resources Manager Roles in health care are to make sure quality services for the consumer is the primary goal in health care industry. However, Human Resources play the most important part in the organization. One of the functions in human resources is to recruit staff member for the organization. Therefore, into an organization the success and effectiveness they must have connection with a human resources department. Thus, Human Resources roles have other assets in it department is for the employee are grievances or concerns from employees (The Importance of Human Resources Management in Health Care, 2009). However, Human Resources health care management it is a balancing between servings as the advocate for employees while representing leadership and administration. Therefore, it oversees employee administrative affairs in an organization. They also make sure the organization maintain a good relationship between the employees. Human Resources manager does training to make sure her or him carry out manager duties. Thus, Human Resources manager also handle payroll, medical, vision, and dental insurances in the organization (Human Resources For Health Care, 1999–2009). In the conclusion of this paper is that Human Resources...

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