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It has been a great privilege for us to study at the IPM institute, and it is a remarkable opportunity for all of us and it has been a great pleasure working together with such an educated and well-disciplined group.

We would like to express our humble gratitude towards our instructor Mr. Manoaj Keppetipola, whose valuable guidance helped us to capture the case study properly. His constant guidance and willingness to share his vast knowledge made us understand it more clearly.

Our thanks and appreciation goes to our colleagues in nourishing us by sharing their knowledge on various other case studies and for the willingness of them to help us in all the ways to make our report a success. And last but not least thanks for world wide web.


Qualification in Human Resources Management

Institute of Personnel Management

Sri Lanka

Executive summary

Rolex Mudalali who doesn't have any managerial or academicals qualification but his Art Biscuits company become the leading business in Sri Lanka. How he achieve this? Simply he had won the loyalty among his employees. He always looks after his employees and provided all sort of benefits to his employees and their families. The production and the quality of production were high and these biscuits were exported to many countries around the world. After a while Rolex Mudalali decided to hand over his business to his children who well qualified academically. After the Children took over the business initially they have done major changes in whole area of the business. They have tried to run the organization without any previous experience. These major changes affect concern very gravely. Some of those were not healthy and not suitable for the internal environment of the business. Soon the employees loosen loyalty towards the management and labor turnover ratio increased. Very short time after the production and the quality of the products become close to the ground.

Leadership defined as:-

[pic]“A process of social influence in which one person can enlist the aid and support of others in the accomplishment of a common task"

There are 3 type of leadership approach according to(U.S. Army Handbook, 1973) • Authoritarian or autocratic
• Participative or democratic
• Delegative or Free Reign
But there are other kinds of leadership approaches coming day by day.

rolex mudalali also not applied a sole method of leadership he use selected method’s. Even though he didn’t have academicals knowledge. his approaches can be coined as follows . Consideration approach (employee orientation or people orientation) rolex mudalali use the special type of approach call people orientation approach He concerned about the human needs of their employees. Takes an indirect approach, motivating and encouraging the team toward success. There was a result for this leadership style is higher performers and is more satisfied with their job. He uses rewards, such as education, independence, etc. to motivate employees. He implemented the following to take care of his employees, having in mind that people are the best asset he possesses in the company. • bonus

• ration pack Distribution
• Salaries above the market rates.
• Soft loan to for experience person
• Gift a plot of land yearly for best employee.
• Educational assistance for employee’s children
He had magnetic personalities and...

References: There are 3 type of leadership approach according to(U.S. Army Handbook, 1973)
• Authoritarian or autocratic
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